Our team members are experienced scholars and researchers in the fields of history, archaeology, architecture and conservation.  All our team members go through a meticulous training program in ethics, research and ethnographic methods before they could start researching and curating experiences. All our experiences are products of sustained, in-depth research, and therefore are highly accurate.

Tathagata Neogi

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Leader | PhD Archaeology | University of Exeter

Tathagata Neogi is an archaeologist trained in the United Kingdom. Apart from his professional training in archaeology, he is extremely passionate about Kolkata’s history and its rich cultural heritage. After completing a First Class BA (Hons.) in History from Jadavpur University, Tathagata did MA in Archaeology from University of Exeter, UK. in 2017 he completed his PhD in archaeology at the University of Exeter. 

Chelsea McGill

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Leader | MA Social Sciences | University of Chicago

Chelsea McGill has an MA from the University of Chicago with specializations in Linguistic Anthropology and South Asian Studies. Her master's thesis concerned the discourse about tribal groups/adivasis in Bangladesh in the media. She is fluent in Bengali, and founded Heritage Walk Calcutta with her husband Dr. Tathagata Neogi. Chelsea also has a longstanding interest in translation and writes reviews of diverse and translated literature at For the last few years, she has slowly been collating a list of diverse publishers worldwide at her second blog,


Anmol Grover

Consulting Architect | MSc Sustainable Building Conservation | Cardiff University

After her stint as an intern during her B.Arch studies, Anmol resolved to steer clear of commercial architecture and chose to couple her interest in history with her passion for built heritage to pursue an MSc in Sustainable Building Conservation from Cardiff University, UK. As a fresh graduate, she plans to initially involve herself in projects aiming to create heritage awareness as she believes that that is something India still lacks. She hopes to build her way up towards starting a Conservation based firm of her own and also looks forward to teaching the subject at architecture schools across India.​


Sraman Sircar

Cultural Heritage Consultant | MA Sociology & Social Anthropology | Central European University

Sraman Sircar studied History at Hindu College of Delhi University and subsequently pursued a masters in Sociology at Ambedkar University Delhi. Later, in his role as an Oral History Apprentice at the 1947 Partition Archive, he interviewed Partition refugees and survivors in Delhi and Kolkata. While completing his second masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Central European University, he also worked for the Blinken Open Society Archives in Budapest as a film archivist. He is currently interested in issues and practices of urban heritage conservation in India


Surbhi Mittal

Marketing and Business Development Consultant 

Surbhi is a proponent of intersectional work that enables critical thought. She works as a consultant on marketing, business development and digital transformation with arts & cultures organisations. She’s been a Marketing Consultant to Immersive Trails since October 2020.


Nilofar Absar

Intern | Chinatown Memory Project

Nilofar is an intellectual property rights lawyer and aspiring journalist. Her primary areas of practice include information technology issues such as intermediary liability and contributory infringement, and IP infringement issues in the area of trademarks, patents, and copyright. She is currently on a sabbatical and spending her time reconnecting with her roots in Kolkata. She has a penchant for finding lost stories and seeks to use this skill to help document and preserve the lost memories and rich cultural legacy of the once-thriving Indian Chinese community in Kolkata


Sagnik Bhattacharya

Intern | Chinatown Memory Project

Sagnik Bhattacharya is currently pursuing an MA degree in History from Presidency University,
Kolkata, having completed his BA degrees in History and Philosophy with a specialization in
modern and contemporary Transnational History from the University of Groningen, the
Netherlands. During his undergraduate years he minored in Cultural Anthropology and is keenlyinterested in the intersection between history and ethnography. As of November 2020, Sagnik was elected as a ‘Student Fellow’ of the Royal Anthropological Institute facilitating his
anthropological work. He is currently conducting research towards understanding the effect of
states and state regulation on the cultures of anomic populations such as non-sedentary
communities and immigrants in eastern South Asia.


Arnab Goswami

Intern | Purple Plaque Project

Born in Kolkata but brought up in places ranging from Mumbai to Dubai and Singapore, Arnab was, for the most part, unacquainted with the city of his birth. However, an afternoon stroll in College Street one day made him come across the popular novel ‘Chowringhee’. Since then, his love for the city started and only grew as the years passed. Arnab works as a Senior Analyst at a Supply Chain Consulting firm based in Mumbai. In his spare time, he loves reading up about Kolkata and Bengal’s wonderful heritage, history and culture and often dreams of capturing them in some way. It is his immense passion that has driven him to be a part of this unique project.