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Title page requirements

The next step after specifying the necessary information is its correct execution, in accordance with the requirements of methodology:

  • 14th Times New Roman on A4 sheet;

  • one and a half line spacing;

  • indents for margins - 10 mm on the right, and 20 mm on the left, bottom and top;

  • automatic hyphenation and indentation of the first line from 0.75 to 1.5;

  • the text is justified.

Example of a title page in a lab

An easy way to design a title page

The best way out for you is to find a ready-made title page at for your department, faculty or university. Check with teachers or methodologists if the found title page is suitable. They may change each year and you are required to bring the title of the most recent edition.

You will only have to enter in the empty fields the subject, the name and number of the laboratory work, the teacher, your group and full name.

Make sure that the year and the city below do not move to the next page.

This happens when the input data is longer than one line.

The title page can be found on the website of the university, department, in social networks (section "Documents"). Teachers, methodologists and undergraduates of your department will share a sample without any questions.


Perhaps, in response to a request to share the title page of the laboratory work, you will be sent the title page of a term paper or thesis. This is not the same thing - such a sheet will not suit you says writers.

Self-designed title page

Let's say we couldn't find the right title page ourselves. Do not be discouraged - you can make it yourself, the main thing is to be very careful.

  1. In the header, at the top of the page, write the full name of the educational institution. On the next line - the name of the department related to the subject in which you are doing the laboratory work.

Font requirements are standard, size requirements are regulated by the university. Center alignment.
  1. Specify the type of work: laboratory or laboratory report. Below write its topic, number or name, indicate the subject in which it is held. The topic of the work is written without quotes.

  2. Below and to the right of the name, write personal data (name, group, course).

  3. Under your personal data, you must write the personal data of the teacher accepting the job (name, position, academic degree).

  4. At the very end of the page, in the center, indicate the city and date of completion.

Having trouble completing the title page for your lab? Here you can contact specialists for help with the work!

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