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Options for Dissertation Work

There are a number of specific conditions for a candidate dissertation. It should contain possible solutions to certain problems from the protected area, technical developments or research. Perhaps a scientific problem of the greatest social or economic importance has been solved. Alternatively, technological or technical new solutions, when implemented, the state and society can get an advantageous position on the world stage in terms of development.

The content of scientific results and achievements in the dissertation should be written only by the author himself and testify to a considerable personal contribution to the development of the field of activity corresponding to the material. Mandatory publications in the areas of mass media, for candidates of science and doctoral dissertations, their number is different. Accordingly, to defend a doctoral thesis, there should be many more publications. Also, a prerequisite is the writing of articles in foreign publications, which are included in the general database on the natural sciences.

Publications in the media may contain various information contained in the dissertation itself. As well as patents for various inventions, and certificates for industrial designs. The article may contain software developments or innovative contributions to database development. In the dissertation itself, it is necessary to indicate the co-authors of the work, with the help of which certain successful results of the work were achieved.

Without fail, the dissertation student is simply obliged to indicate the sources of borrowed information, if he does not do this, the dissertation will be immediately canceled without a second right to defense. This is very strict. It is better to check your work for plagiarism, on well-known Internet resources and not on one.

Upon successful completion of the work, the chairman of the Scientific Council puts his visa. The date is indicated and with two copies of the information card, it is sent to center. With a cover letter sent to the American State Library. Then a few more actions, after protection no later than 30 days later, several manipulations are performed. And you become officially a research assistant. No wonder at the beginning of the article it was said that this is a very difficult matter.

There are also joint dissertation councils. In which up to four organizations can be accepted. But the number of council members should not exceed nine people. It consists of the chairman, his deputy, the secretary and the members of the council themselves. To include an employee in the council, his written consent is required. The meeting is chaired directly by the chairman or his deputy. The Scientific Council is a very delicate and precise machine, which is regulated for each of its actions.

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