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A tummy tuck Miami is a plastic surgery that is performed to remove loose or sagging abdominal skin. The procedure is also used to correct weak or separated abdominal muscles. The procedure can leave the patient with a firmer and more attractive midsection. The results of a tummy tuck Miami can last for years, and Dr. Lampert takes the time to make sure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. He wants every patient to be happy with the results and will help them achieve their image goals.

The surgical procedure in Miami is performed on an outpatient basis. The doctor performs the procedure in a secluded setting. The surgical team uses state-of-the-art technology to create a pristine result. The doctors are highly skilled and have extensive experience in the beautification industry. The surgeons at Careaga Plastic Surgery are board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in tummy tucks.

The procedure is performed on patients with excess upper abdominal skin. This procedure entails a horizontal incision and a second incision around the belly button. The surgeon then pulls and cuts excess skin in the upper abdomen. Then, the surgeon removes the navel and repositions it before suturing it into place. The incision is then closed with clips, sutures, or tapes.

After the procedure, tummy tuck Miami is an effective way to get a trimmed, taut abdominal area. The procedure is relatively inexpensive at $3000 and is performed by Florida's most experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will take care of the incisions and leave the patient with a flatter, more flattering midsection. After the procedure, you can resume your normal activities and lifestyle.

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