Cultural Heritage Outreach Internships

Virtual global internship for exciting cultural heritage outreach research projects
Application Deadline: On a rolling basis

Programme Brief


If you are a student or a researcher in humanities, social sciences and the liberal arts, and have an exciting cultural heritage outreach project in mind and require mentoring and research training and infrastructure, you can apply to intern with us.


To intern with us, you can email us at, with your research project proposal, duration of the project, statement of purpose (stating how we can support you), and what would be the end result and deliverable of the project. We will then have a look at your application, set up a virtual discussion session with you and then make a decision. 

Internship Fee

Depends on the research project and the hour and resource commitment from Immersive Trails. Minimum fee is ₹5000 (US$70) + Applicable Taxes

If you are using a non-Indian card, please contact us for a Stripe link as a payment option. Thanks.