COVID-19 Policies

Health & Safety Precautions for Reopening 

We take the health and safety of our customers, community members and team members very seriously. 

With that in mind, we have formulated the following guidelines which we will be following for all our events until the COVID19 crisis has passed. We will update these policies regularly based on the changing situation and official recommendations. 

These policies are in addition to our existing Terms and Conditions.


We keep ourselves updated about changes in government policies and WHO recommendations about COVID19. Keeping the most recent information about containment zones in Kolkata and West Bengal in mind, we choose to do only those walks which do not pass through any active containment area.


Before resuming any of our walking tours, or launching any new tours, we visit the area, to determine the health and safety situation, and also whether the local community is comfortable with us leading tours there. 

We also keep tabs on our own health. Any team member who is experiencing any potential COVID19 symptoms will isolate themselves. 


To maintain WHO-recommended Social Distancing norms, all our tours will be capped at 6 participants. When you are booking a tour you will be asked to provide the name, address, mobile number, and email id of each participant in your group. This information will be confidential and used only in case of potential COVID19 exposure. 

Please ensure that no members of your group are experiencing any symptoms of COVID19. If you have booked the tour, but are feeling unwell before the commencement of the tour, please inform us and your ticket will be postponed to a later date, within the next 2-years, without any additional cost.


Please DO NOT attend the tour if you are feeling sick, in any way, for the health and safety of everyone.


Payments for all bookings must be made online. We will not be able to accept cash payments to minimize risk of COVID19 exposure. 

If we fall ill and must cancel the tour, then you will receive a full refund within 7 working days. 




Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. 


All participants will be screened using a thermal, non-contact thermometer on arrival. Anyone with a fever will be sent home, and their ticket will be postponed to a later date of their choice within the next 2-years. 

During the walk, all participants are required to maintain a minimum of 1-meter distance from each other and from the walk leader and the assistant. 

All participants must wear a facemask, at all times, covering both their mouth and nose. We will refuse participation to anyone not wearing a mask properly. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please contact us for a private walk. 


Participants must carry their own hand-sanitizer and drinking water. When drinking water, or tea, participants must turn away from the group. 



Should you fall ill in any way within 15 days after the tour, please inform us immediately over phone and email. We will then inform other participants so that they can take necessary precautions. 

We will also check-in with all participants of each tour after 7 days. 

By strictly following these procedures we hope to minimize the risk of COVID19 exposure for you, for the community members and for the members of our team. Thank you very much indeed for understanding and cooperating.


We look forward to having you safely explore with us soon! 

If you are using a non-Indian card, please contact us for a Stripe link as a payment option. Thanks.